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There are currently 171,476 English words in use. How many words can describe your business?

If you do a google search on the word restaurant, you get over 1 billion search results. How does a buyer find your business out of 1 billion possibilities?

There are currently 1,066 NAIC categories which simplify all possible words that you could use to describe your business.

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If you select the industry Restaurant your NAIC code categories would be:

236220 Restaurant construction

337127 Furniture, restaurant-type, manufacturing

423210 Restaurant furniture merchant wholesalers

423440 Restaurant equipment (except furniture) merchant wholesalers

445210 Delicatessens (except grocery store, restaurants)

492210 Restaurant meals delivery services (i.e., independent delivery services)

561599 Reservation (e.g., airline, car rental, hotel, restaurant) services

561720 Restaurant kitchen cleaning services

611519 Restaurant management schools (except academic)

722511 Full service restaurants

722513 Family restaurants, limited-service

813910 Restaurant associations

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Once you know your NAIC code you can find businesses in your ZIP CODE or you can pick neighboring Zip Codes or just enter your two digit State and see how many businesses are in your State for that category.


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411 Online Listing - Free

Get your FREE listing today.   Simple click add to cart and use FREE checkout.   You get to list under 1 NAIC code: 1) Company name and 2) Phone number.   Would you like to list more than just your phone number?  Can your product be listed under more than one NAIC code?  Then check out our LEVEL 1 or LEVEL 2 PAID listings or our Value Pak for NAIC Codes.   In order to maintain a FREE listing you must verify your ad every 3 months for accuracy.  

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