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There are currently 171,476 English words in use. How many words can describe your business?

If you do a google search on the word restaurant, you get over 1 billion search results. How does a buyer find your business out of 1 billion possibilities?

There are currently 1,066 NAIC categories which simplify all possible words that you could use to describe your business.

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If you select the industry Restaurant your NAIC code categories would be:

236220 Restaurant construction

337127 Furniture, restaurant-type, manufacturing

423210 Restaurant furniture merchant wholesalers

423440 Restaurant equipment (except furniture) merchant wholesalers

445210 Delicatessens (except grocery store, restaurants)

492210 Restaurant meals delivery services (i.e., independent delivery services)

561599 Reservation (e.g., airline, car rental, hotel, restaurant) services

561720 Restaurant kitchen cleaning services

611519 Restaurant management schools (except academic)

722511 Full service restaurants

722513 Family restaurants, limited-service

813910 Restaurant associations

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Why advertise with us?

The Government Purchase Order(PO) process explained!

When the government needs to buy something the procurement officer must show 2 things:  1) Getting at least 3 competitive bids and 2) Giving preference to anyone that deserves it.   Being a former procurement officer I know that PO’s were issued because only one bid was submitted or because only one vendor completed and submitted all the required paperwork. 

PYP’s step in this process is the first step and that is to get your Product, Business’s name, and any special considerations in front of a procurement officer.      This is all done through NAIC codes.   The more codes you list under the better you can be found.  

You may think that contracts are only won based on the Vendors who have the lowest price. 

You are wrong.  Contracts are awarded because of other things like having special considerations (small business, woman or veteran owned) and certifications like being (8 (a) and Small Disadvantaged).   State and local governments have the requirement of to BUY LOCAL or Made in America.   The more boxes you can check off the better your chances are to not having to be the LOWEST priced.  It also helps to have a designated person that is very detail oriented in your business that handles government sales. This makes sure that all paperwork is completed and successfully submitted on time. 

So you ask yourself: will I get a Contract or Purchase Order Agreement if I do not have a GSA#. 

The GSA is one of many federal buying agencies.   The federal government is not the only user of the Procurement Yellow Pages.  Other Countries, States, Counties, Cities, Schools, and Unions all use our website to find products.